10 Christmas Traditions that will Liven Up Your Holiday.


We are at that time of the year that comes so fast leaving you wondering how time could go by so fast. The harmattan wind blowing, everywhere covered in dust, hey its Christmas!!

When I was little, every year during Christmas we travelled back home, I thought it was something everyone did back then. Everyone putting in intentional efforts to create the best of memories. From reuniting with family, exchange of gifts, the display of fireworks down to the good food, getting a Christmas dress plus the music, everything spells lot of fun and festivities.

Most of us practise different traditions year in year out. To spice things up, we assembled a list of great Christmas traditions ideas you would love to help you get started to a wonderful holiday season. What Christmas tradition happens to be your favourite and what tradition won’t you go without doing?

1. Give and take;

Great thing about Christmas is that hands and pockets are full of joy! Whether it’s your hands being open to give or hands open to receive, whichever way, we get to show people dear to us, how much we love them and appreciate them. It can the be that moment you knock on your neighbours door and hand them a surprise gift as they welcome you into the warmth of their home to share in the laughter, joy and appreciation of the season.
Heard of the scavenger hunt? Sounds like a nice idea to do. What do you think about it?

2. Go to the same Christmas light each year;

Hands down! There ain’t Christmas without the twinkling sparking Christmas lights. The décor is something to always look forward to at the end of the year. Most states, private and public places seem to outdo each other at your viewing pleasure. So why not go for a mini-road night trip and take some snacks to go round. It will definitely do some good to your spirits.

3. Visit Santa every year.

Is Santa real? The first moment with the huge bearded Christmas fairy may not be as cool as the later moments for sure. And then if you’ve been good and not naughty you could get a gift from his bag of goodies! Here’s one thing most people don’t know about Santa, he is a replica of the Christian Saint named Nicholas who is known for his charitable virtue of giving gifts.

4. Watch your favourite Christmas movies together.

Everything falls into rhythm to the spirit and joy of Christmas. And with a Christmas movie, it never gets too old or outdated. Home alone, the elf on the shelf, the polar express, and any of your favourite Christmas movie will leave you warm with the Christmas fever.

5. Have a list of favourite Christmas books and read during Christmas.

For the imaginative minds, only a book can do the trick this Christmas. There are a number of Christmas books available that could take you to Bethlehem, the north pole and back. Because we know you love books just as much as we do, we are excited to share with you a few of the most cherished Christmas books. A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens and letters from Father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkien are our top picks and perfect to read with those you love.

6. Throw a party have food and drinks and invite people over to enjoy it.

Cheers to the partehh! Here’s to the month of drinking, eating and ngwori (enjoyment). Always the perfect time to throw a party and events that it can be literally hard to keep up. You get to meet everyone you haven’t seen in a long time in the same place, which can also be a great thing.

7. Travel to your hometown.

Bags packed? Checked! Hometown calls leaving the city empty! Travelling back home tops the chart for many people. It happens to be one of the longest holidays and best time to catch up with family and friends away from the chaos of the city. Also the perfect time to visit rural attraction and latest developments happening at your home town or attend your town Christmas parade like the masquerade parade, which is quite common.

8. Decorate;

There’s no Christmas without a Christmas tree. Mistletoe hanging, lights sparkling, tree so bright,everything peng! I doubt if there’s a tree farm around for shopping for a natural Christmas tree, if you know of any you can drop it in the comment section below. Though there are major and local store outlets close to you where you can shop for Christmas tree and décor. For added effects play Christmas music albums, put up outdoor lights, and indoor décor.

9. Family portrait/photo.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone together in a sweet matchy-matchy PJS or Formal dress. Whether it’s for a quick shot or a well-planned photoshot, either way everyone is captured in the treasurable moment. It can be a hasty one taken at a family gathering or a themed shot. This will definitely show how everyone is growing.

10. Countdown to Christmas;

Also known as Advent, this is the waiting and anticipating of Jesus birth. A special calendar can be used to help keep the focus on the reason behind the celebration of Christmas . There are fun calendars featuring Santa Claus, Snowman and many other themes that can brighten your holiday. Don’t forget the reason for the season!



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