Inspiring Ideas to Creatively Decorate your Child’s Room


What comes to mind when decorating a room? The thought of having to decorate a room is always exciting, especially when you know the personality and personal taste of the person involved.

When it comes to children and babies, it’s all about creating a room they’ll grow to love. And because you’ll be spending more time in there than you imagine, you can design something to suit your taste.

You can go all out with a themed bedroom or decorate a room with flexibility in mind, so that it can be easily updated over the years to suit your children’s taste as they get older.
Putting in mind that their room is where they’ll spend most of their time sleeping, playing, and working. The most important thing being that it has to be comfortable, stylish, cozy yet organised.

That thrilling yet apprehensive feeling while letting your creativity run wild in decorating a room can be downright exhausting if it turns out totally different from the way you imagined it.

With inspiration and a model design you can achieve the look of your dreams.
That’s why we gathered fun decorating ideas and essentials that will inspire you to creating a room of their dreams;

1) Furniture;

Furniture makes up the most of a room. From baby cot to the changing table, the convertible-which can be transformed as your baby gets older and the desks, drawers plus other essentials. The trick is getting durable and sizable furniture for your children’s room. For the changing table- ensure that everything you need is within reach.

Another trick is creating lots of functional storage, using cupboards, boxes, chests and other storage means, which can include having built-in-storage under the bed. It is a wise step in not only ensuring that items can be kept neatly but will also reduce stress.

Having multiple children and limited space? You can conserve space with the multiple beds like the double or triple bed bunk.

Tip: Don’t miss out the bit of fun by painting them bright & colorful while ensuring they serve their purpose.
You can take it a step further by putting a cozy window seat.

2) Wall ;

Hot trends at the moment is creating bright walls with paint or vibrant wallpapers. You could do it according to your taste or that of your child.

A dream come true for parents is having to change the wall whenever they want. Which is one the numerous benefits to using the wallpaper, not only can you can change it whenever you want to suit your present style or personality of your child but you can easily wipe off stains from the wall.

That is where the washable wallpaper comes in, with this, stains can be readily be removed. There’s also the chalkboard/blackboard wall you can put up if you feel like letting your child’s creativity run wild as they draw and write on the walls and then wipe it off. Before you choose to set it up, you should consider if you or your child is allergic to particles.

Hello? No one ever said that wallpapers are for walls alone, so you could take it top-notch to the ceiling by decorating the ceiling with a star printed wallpaper and the ceiling fan included.

3) Decorations & Blinds:

‘Interior or exterior, decoration is decoration!’ Decoration is the core and warmth to the room. Bright playful curtains, lightening and floor, that are mature will put a neat finishing to the room décor and will be suitable as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

For a calm sleep during the day time, you could fake the dark by using heavy curtain, window shade or the blackout shades.
For pictures, you could also display their best work of art for a lasting display. Decoration is what draws someone to the warmth and comfort of the room.

4) Theme all the way!

If you want to go themed by creating an all pink fairy-tale or the all masculine blue, by all means do.

You can also go with what you love and what you want to instil in your little one. For instance, if you love travelling, you could go with the travel map themed bedroom. It can further instil the sense of travel and exploration.

5) Don’t stress it;

Whichever way you intend to create your child’s nursery. Do it in a way that suits your taste and will be comfortable for you and child.

Your baby wouldn’t be bothered on what the nursery looks like. And you can adjust the nursery from time to time, to grow with your child or move to a relatively grown room. So enjoy that precious time with styling and don’t forget to get the basic items that’ll shine through in your baby’s room; from the wallpaper, beddings, ceiling and to the floor.

You could get an interior decorator to design it if you feel like it or take time to do it yourself before the baby arrives. Whichever way, have fun and be inspired by our decorative ideas.


This post takes me back to growing up in the 90’s, when we had a room that was reserved for the new born. It had all the nursery basics and was technically out of bounds for visitors. It wasn’t overboard or themed but comfortable, organised and airy.

What are your thoughts on the basic children’s room essentials? How would you create a room a child will love?



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