Tech-Savvy Parents Get These Apps for Thier Kids.

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Who would have believed that the day would come when I will get jealous of a smartphone? It gets all the attention whenever I visit my little cousins.

They are no different from most children who are being carried along in this digital era. We can’t deny the fact that technology is finding its way into our everyday life and carring everyone along. It’s no wonder that children are equally taken by tech and want to be part of it.

And because, you are your child’s doorway into the world of love and learning. It is highly valuable that you teach them at an early age the huge benefits of technology and what the internet has to offer.

Here’s why you may want to be tech-savvy;

Children as little as toddlers have apps designed to impact knowledge and fun all through. While study shows that it’s one of the best way to connect with kids and an essential aspect of good parenting, it serves as cool indoor activities and gainfully occupies the mind of a child.

Now let’s get down to compiling list of Amazing Apps specifically created to get the best out of the internet for children.


Musical Me! In this App, we meet Colorful toon character, mozzarella the mouse who guides children to learn the fundamental components of music. Dancing and rhyming to long time classics like, Mary had a little lamb, Old MacDonald, Skip to my Lou, Wheels on the bus and Twinkle Twinkle Little star and many more. Your child will gladly be ahead in music straightway.

They will effortlessly learn about rhythm, pitch, short & long notes and how to read music and even how to create their own music! Cool right?

The benefits of using the App are numerous as it will also work on the memory a young one for an easy yet fast learning.

2. Shapes Toddler Preschool

I wouldn’t create a list without including this awesome app. The need for children to identify the numbers, different shapes, animals is a fundamental step to early learning. This colorful app is fun as well as educational and contains a variety of high quality content.

There is a section for quiz, puzzles and flashcard that make learning easy.


With Phonetics being taught in Elementary/primary schools, this App is a must have. It contains an interesting feature where an Alphabet appears and your child simply follows the arrows to trace the English alphabet. Each letter associates with a phonetic sound.

It also features Report cards and Teacher mode, where guardians can gauge the performance and activities carried out after each learning activity, thus creating an avenue for minimal supervision. Simply cool. It is totally free and of good quality.

4. Kodable-Coding for kids

Use of computer and coding has become as important as learning a language. The benefits of introducing your kids to this software at an early age is of immense value even before it is becomes part of the curriculum at school.

It involves children helping fury aliens through a maze to explore planet Smeeborg among other features. Use of the App will help kids to start thinking like programmers and start writing JavaScript at the drop of a hat, cool right?

5. Digital Bible Story Book

Another wonderful app for the family, bubbling with vibrant animations with a clear picture of amazing bible stories. The Colorful illustrations will help children to easily weave their way through the app.

Contains popular stories in the bible, such as Noah’s Ark, the creation, the Garden of Eden, the tower of Babel, Birth of Jesus and a host of others. There is an interactive activity after each session that’ll help young ones imbibe what was learnt.

Digital Bible Story Book is very popular amongst Christian family, get ready for your child to be totally absorbed and devoted for a beginning of a lifelong love of God’s word.
Available for Android smartphones and tablets.

6. Tech savvy fruits game

Here’s a fruity game for the kids too. If you’ve played candy slash, you’ll love to get this distinguished App. Its colorful vibrant features makes it a favorite among children.

It teaches basic fruits with a funny pronunciation that helps children as little from 1year and above improve their knowledge of fruits and their focusing abilities. Easily relatable as children can point out what they eat.

7. Special Children Screening
This App is specifically designed for children with special needs. Highly detailed and contains provisions that ensures all important information are recorded in their device. This is because special kids should have with them at all times their personal information.

Their medical condition together with clinical profile, record of appointments, reminders and so much more are can be recorded and stored on this App. Special kids will definitely find it very helpful and less challenging. And it’s absolutely free.


The good thing is, you wouldn’t have to worry about breaking the bank as downloading apps no longer cost exorbitant amounts and connecting to the internet is so fast that we often find ourselves wondering how to make the most of our internet connections.

And as are blocked from popping up, which helps in minimizing distractions.

If you love these Apps, you may also like;


Just like YouTube, this App is basically a separate version where you’ll find live stream and internet videos, for kids. Making it basically easier to find contents that are educative and fun for children.

Featuring nursery rhymes and other programs with leading subtitles to help children learn words faster.
You can get these Apps on your Play Store, or App store.

What is you child’s favourite app? Which would you recommend to other parents?.



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